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California Hospital Rehabilitation services

Helping You Recover

Under the direction of your doctor, our team of professionals will help you recover and rehabilitate so you can get back to the things – and the people – you love.


Rehabilitative medicine

Our goal: Get you back to normal activities

When being hospitalized for an injury or illness, a patient’s goal is always to get back to normal activities. Our dynamic and dedicated team of Rehabilitation specialists has the important job of helping our patients get back to their prior level of function.

Treating your injury

We treat a variety of patient diagnoses, including : trauma injuries, orthopedic problems, such as Total hip and Knee replacements, strokes, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, post cardiac surgeries and general weakness or deconditioning.


Our Inpatient services are available 7 days a week, and we have a large, diverse and competent team to help our patients regain function and meet their goals.

California hospital rehab medicine team

Physical therapy

Physical Therapy focuses on improving the patient’s walking, balance and strength, as well as lower body strengthening exercise. They also provide advanced wound care services.

occupational therapy

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy works on the patient’s independence with daily activities, such as bathing, toileting and eating.  They also work on arm strengthening. OTs also work with our  neonatal  premature infants.

Speech therapy

Speech therapy focuses mainly on swallow disorders,as well as speech and cognition, primarily with neurologic and respiratory patients.  Our team performs the most advanced studies using state of the art FEES procedures.

speech therapy

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To learn more about our program,pPlease call (213) 742-5580.


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