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For Medical Students

Experience what it's like to deliver the next generation of excellence in healthcare.

When you join our residency program, you become a member of one of the largest hospital systems in the nation and the largest not-for-profit acute care provider in California. You’ll experience our commitment to delivering the next generation of excellent healthcare while practicing in a warm and supportive environment where you can grow professionally and personally.

You'll work with skilled attending physicians, learn hospital procedures and get to know administrators. And you'll be part of one of the most dedicated hospital staffs in the west.

Our facilities

The Family Medicine Center at California Hospital is a traditional family medicine office practice where patients are seen by a team of family physicians, assisted by our psychologist and nursing team.

The Family Medicine Residency Program is committed to providing high-quality healthcare with convenient access to all members of the downtown community, with a focus on caring for the underserved members of our community. Patients are assigned to one doctor who provides care for the patient and the entire family. As much as possible, patients see the same physician on each visit.

  • First year residents spend one half-day in the FMC per week.
  • Second year residents spend two to three half-days in the FMC per week.
  • Third year residents spend three to six half-days in the FMC per week.

One or more members of the faculty is always assigned to precept in the Center, maintaining a ratio of 1 faculty for every 3 residents.

When FMC patients require hospitalization, the Family Medicine Inpatient Resident admits and supervises the care of that patient with input and involvement of the primary physician. Faculty members are involved in the teaching inpatient service.

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