Senior Services

Dignity Health Glendale Memorial Hospital’s 50plus program is designed to help people 50 and over maintain an active, healthy and independent lifestyle. Our members receive valuable benefits, health-related information and exciting travel opportunities tailored to meet their needs. Best of all, membership in 50plus is free.

The benefits of Glendale Memorial's 50plus program include:

  • Health education seminars
  • AARP Mature Driving class
  • Strength training and Shao Chi/Yoga class
  • 50% parking discount
  • 10% cafeteria discount

Join Glendale Memorial 50plus today, and find out how to get more out of your life!

Exercise to the Sounds of the Big Bands
A fun-filled light exercise session to the sounds of the big bands. Every Tuesday from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. and Thursday from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m.

AARP Mature Driving Class
Sign up now for this eight-hour, two-day "classroom only" refresher course. This program is designed to help develop increased confidence and safety while driving. It also helps you save money on your car insurance. Call for reservations and more information.

Strength Training and Shao Chi/Yoga Class
Dignity Health Glendale Memorial Hospital and Regal Medical Group have partnered to co-sponsor a Strength Training and Shao Chi/Yoga Class.

This is a two-part exercise program. You are welcome to join one or both sessions. 

The first class will begin with an aerobic style warm up followed by strength training.  This full body workout will include the use of resistance bands, exercise balls, tubing, body weight and Tai Chi sticks.  Regal Medical Group will supply all equipment. 

After a break, the class will shift to the modern approach to Tai Chi-Shao Chi. Chair and standing yoga poses will also be incorporated in the second class. 

You must be a 50plus member to take advantage of this free class and are required to show your 50plus membership card and ID. RSVP is also required for each class.     

Learn More

For more information on these programs, or to join the 50plus program, please call 818.502.2378

Please note that all classes and events are subject to cancellation.