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The Road to Recovery Can Be Challenging

Lean on Glendale Memorial's rehabilitation program, offering patients personalized treatment plans for all levels of care.


Rehabilitation Services

Our experienced team is committed to restoring your functional independence after a debilitating illness or injury. Our occupational and speech therapy programs are designed to support recovery and improve quality of life. Whether it's a neurological or musculoskeletal disorder, our therapists, nurses and physicians will help you develop a plan to improve your strength, function and mobility.

Inpatient Services

The Inpatient Rehabilitation unit at Glendale Memorial offers a positive, healing environment where our patients can socialize with other patients who have the same recovery challenges. Our staff, committed to your care and recovery, provides personalized, focused attention. Learn More

Outpatient Services

We offer a full range of services including orthopedic rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation and the gentle encouragement you need to grow stronger. Learn More

The Lymphedema Program

Glendale Memorial offers a comprehensive lymphedema management program utilizing the latest treatment techniques. Learn More

Hear From Our Patients

"I went to the Glendale Memorial's Outpatient Physical Therapy department after I had surgery on my knee for a torn medial meniscus. My injury had significantly limited all my activity, and post operatively I was still experiencing pain and weakness. I was frustrated and worried. Right from my very first visit, I was impressed and pleased. Hugo, my therapist, did a thorough evaluation and came up with a great treatment plan that matched my lifestyle. Over the weeks that I worked with Hugo, I came to enjoy my sessions and his company, and before I even realized it....I was better! I am now back to running and skiing and doing all the other outdoor activities I love and owe a large part of that to the team at Glendale Medical Physical Therapy. As a physician, I did quite a bit of research regarding which program would be best for me and there were a number of options in Glendale, but after my recent experience there is no other place I would go." ~ Nicholas Testa

"I had 14 sessions of physical therapy with Keith following my meniscus surgery. Keith was patient and professional while pushing me to regain strength and flexibility. If I ever need to return to physical therapy, I will definitely return here. The front desk staff is also friendly and professional. It was overall a very positive experience." ~ Glenda Resendez

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