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The Lymphedema Program

Glendale Memorial offers a comprehensive lymphedema management program utilizing the latest treatment techniques.

Often, there are inherent side effects to radiation therapy and cancer surgeries, especially with lymph node removal. Physical therapy treatments performed by a certified lymphedema therapist experienced in cancer care encourage fast and full surgical recovery.

Our specially trained and certified physical therapists begin with a thorough assessment, including the patient's chief complaints, medical history, medications, range of motion, strength, skin integrity, limb girth measurements and functional limitations. Based on this assessment and the doctor's recommendations, the therapist will develop an individualized treatment plan.

Treatment of lymphedema may include:

  • Education regarding skin care, risk factors and prevention strategies;
  • Manual lymph drainage performed with a very light touch to avoid injury to delicate lymphatic vessels. This encourages the reabsorption and flow of the fluid back toward the heart by re-routing the lymph flow around blocked areas into healthy lymph vessels;
  • Lymphedema exercises that mimic the motions and sequence of the manual lymph drainage by activating the muscle and joint pumps to move the fluid out of the limb.

How can I find out more about lymphedema?
For more information about lymphedema and treatment options, contact The Lymphedema Management Program at Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center at (818) 502-2232.