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Lifesaving Emergency Surgery in Southern California

Many people who need a surgical procedure get to plan for it ahead of time. But sometimes, you have a surgical emergency for a medical condition or traumatic injury. Even in the most critical situations, experienced surgeons in our Dignity Health Southern California emergency surgery departments are available everyday, 24/7, to perform lifesaving surgery at our convenient locations:

We offer round-the-clock access to emergency services for residents in need of emergency surgery in Southern California. Our highly skilled emergency room (ER) staff will quickly assess your condition during patient triage and determine if you need ER surgery.

If you require immediate care, call 911 for the fastest medical response.

Surgical Specialties at Dignity Health Southern California

All of our surgeons are specialists, from cardiac care to orthopedic care. They are on call at our hospitals any time of day or night. Hospitals with high-level trauma centers have many types of surgical specialists available for trauma surgery in Southern California. Our Level II trauma centers include California Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles and St. Mary Medical Center Long Beach.

Our surgical specialists have extensive training and expertise in treating these potentially life-threatening conditions and medical emergencies:

Focusing on Your Recovery

Our dedicated doctors and nurses at Dignity Health Southern California offer a very personalized approach to meet your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs during your recovery. When you are well enough to return home, we give you detailed care instructions and ensure you can safely complete your recovery without hospital supervision.

Reach out to us for more information about surgical emergencies and the services we offer in addition to emergency surgery in Southern California. 

Experienced surgical specialists perform lifesaving emergency surgery at Dignity Health Southern California.