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Comprehensive Emergency Care & Triage in Southern California

Triage is a method emergency departments use to assess your condition and determine the appropriate level of care. If you need to go to the ER for a serious symptom, injury, or illness, you can count on highly efficient triage in Southern California. Our highly skilled ER doctors and triage nurses work quickly to coordinate and deliver your care.

We offer comprehensive emergency services with access to specialists, subspecialists, and advanced equipment at all eight Dignity Health Southern California locations: 

When you need prompt medical care, we offer the convenience of waiting at home. Use our InQuicker online waiting tool to select an estimated arrival time at one of our emergency rooms in Southern California. For immediate medical care, call 911.

The Purpose of Triage

You may not realize it when you enter one of our emergency rooms or urgent care centers, but our triage system in Southern California is constantly working to treat the sickest patients first. Some patients need life-saving medical attention, while other patients with less serious conditions can wait until more resources are available.

Fast & Efficient Triage Nurses

Our Dignity Health Southern California triage nurses may literally hold your hand as they walk you through the triage system to ensure you receive the personalized care you need. Your nurse will: 

  • Gather information about your symptoms, condition, or injury
  • Ask what medications you are currently taking, including prescription medications, and over-the-counter products, vitamins, and supplements
  • Measure your blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and other vital signs
  • Determine the severity of your condition and communicate it to other ER staff members

Your Medical Assessment & Treatment at Dignity Health Southern California

The goal of triage is to make an initial assessment in preparation for your doctor’s more in-depth medical evaluation. Our highly skilled Dignity Health Southern California ER and urgent care doctors are diagnostic experts. They use their clinical expertise, blood tests, and emergency radiology services to diagnose and treat your condition as quickly and safely as possible. 

View our locations to find an emergency room or urgent care center near you.

When the unexpected happens and you need medical help right away, make Dignity Health Southern California triage your first point of care.