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Expert Emergency Radiology in Southern California

Radiology techniques are essential for our doctors to diagnose, treat, and monitor medical conditions, including medical emergencies and traumatic injuries. Dignity Health Southern California emergency radiology teams work around the clock to provide you and your loved ones with advanced radiologic imaging tests.

For emergency radiology services in Southern California, use our InQuicker online waiting tool to select an estimated arrival time at one of these six convenient locations: 

In case of a medical emergency, call 911.

Emergency Diagnostic Radiology at Dignity Health Southern California

After ER triage, our board-certified doctors use imaging tests to diagnose a range of medical emergencies, such as:

Radiology Imaging Options in the ER

We offer computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound (ultrasonography), X-rays, and other emergency radiology services in Southern California.

The fastest and most convenient ER imaging tests in the emergency setting are X-rays and ultrasound. For more detailed images, our ER doctors prefer CT scans and MRIs. CT scans are effective at helping diagnose a range of medical emergencies, including spine injuries. MRI takes longer than other imaging tests, but it excels at capturing images of the brain and other internal organs.

Radiology Specialists Focused on You

Our highly trained ER doctors and radiologists are experts at emergency imaging. They determine your specific imaging need based on your current condition, medical history, and age. Children are more sensitive than adults to radiologic imaging, so they are good candidates for emergency ultrasound.

At Dignity Health Southern California, we always do what it takes to generate results as quickly and comfortably as possible to diagnose your condition and guide treatment, including emergency surgery. Contact us for more information about our Southern California emergency radiology services and to find a location near you.

Emergency radiology at Dignity Health Southern California provides fast and exceptional results.