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Comprehensive & Diagnostic Blood Tests in Southern California

Blood tests are essential for our doctors to diagnose a range of conditions and prepare patients for medical treatments. In Dignity Health Southern California emergency rooms and urgent care centers, such blood tests are used to diagnose and manage potentially life-threatening diseases and injuries.

When you need blood work in Southern California, our emergency services staff can take care of you at these eight locations: 

Use our online waiting tool, InQuicker, to select an estimated hospital or clinic arrival time when you need blood test results fast.

Reasons for Emergency Room Blood Tests at Dignity Health Southern California

Our emergency room doctors use blood tests in these critical cases:

  • Blood transfusion — if you need a blood transfusion, blood tests determine compatibility with banked blood.
  • Disease or organ dysfunction — clinical chemistry tests provide vital information about your heart, kidneys, and liver. These tests measure electrolytes, hormone levels, and enzymes. Our doctors can also administer a blood test for heart attack.
  • Drug toxicity or overdose — drug tests show the amount of a drug in the blood, such as alcohol, pain relievers, anti-seizure drugs, digoxin (atrial fibrillation drug), psychiatric medicines, and theophylline (for respiratory diseases).
  • Blood problems — hematology tests look at the amount of blood and plasma components. Examples include a complete blood count (CBC) and blood clotting tests.
  • Infection — microbiology tests detect bacteria, fungi, or parasites in the blood. These and other lab tests also help our doctors determine which drugs will work to fight the infection.

Discussing Blood Test Results with Your Doctor

At Dignity Health Southern California, our emergency team members know you may be feeling apprehensive about your blood test results and will get them to you as quickly as possible. It may take an hour or longer, depending on the specific test. Your doctor will explain the results and the need for any further testing or follow-up care.

Visit one of our emergency rooms or urgent care centers for blood tests in Long Beach, Northridge, Downtown LA, Glendale, and in Inland Empire cities San Bernardino, Fontana, and Highland. 

When time is critical, Dignity Health Southern California blood testing services provide quick diagnoses and peace of mind.