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When to Go to the ER in Southern California

The emergency room (ER) of a hospital is where highly-skilled doctors and nurses quickly diagnose and treat patients of all ages. At Dignity Health Southern California, people go to our ERs everyday to receive life-saving help for serious injuries and illnesses that require more immediate care than a doctor’s office or urgent care clinic can offer.

If you are considering when to go the ER in Southern California, you can feel confident about receiving high-quality and immediate medical care at all of our locations: 

We have your convenience in mind at Dignity Health Southern California. If you feel comfortable waiting at home, select an estimated arrival time at your closest emergency room with our InQuicker tool.

Is It an Emergency?

Conditions we treat at Dignity Health Southern California ERs include heart attack, stroke, life- or limb-threatening injuries and trauma, and serious quick-onset symptoms. Go to your closest ER or call 911 for help if you or a loved one experiences these symptoms:

  • Bleeding that will not stop with home care measures
  • Chest pain, with or without shortness of breath
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Injury to your back or neck with numbness or paralysis
  • Falling- or impact-type accident with pain or swelling in a limb
  • Seizure lasting longer than three to five minutes
  • Severe burns
  • Severe pain
  • Sudden onset weakness on one side of your body, inability to speak, or difficulty speaking
  • Suspected or known poisoning or drug overdose
  • Swelling of the tongue, lips, or throat, and other symptoms of severe allergic reaction

Dignity Health Southern California Emergency Care

Our experienced emergency medicine doctors use a triage system to care for the sickest patients first. We carefully evaluate and manage serious and life-threatening injuries or illness, make referrals to specialists, and arrange hospital admittance and emergency surgery when necessary.

If your doctor treats your condition and releases you from the emergency room without a referral, Dignity Health Southern California can help you Find a Doctor to manage all of your health care needs.

Dignity Health provides timely and effective medical care you can trust when you need to go to the ER in Southern California.