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Lifesaving Care for Electrical Shock in Southern California

Electrical shock occurs when an electric current travels through your body. Causes of electrical shock we see in Southern California include accidental contact with exposed wiring, arching from high-voltage power lines, lightning strike, contact with faulty appliances or wiring, and touching or inserting something into an outlet.

The current can cause burns, damage to internal organs, and cardiac arrest. Professional medical care is essential for anyone who has suffered an electrical shock. Call 911 in severe cases. 

The skilled emergency room (ER) doctors and nurses at Dignity Health Southern California administer electric shock first aid and other lifesaving treatments at our hospital locations. For less serious cases, you can select your estimated arrival time at the ER with our InQuicker online tool for one of our convenient locations in Camarillo, Glendale, Long Beach, Northridge, Downtown LA, Oxnard, and in Inland Empire cities San Bernardino, Fontana, and Highland.

Symptoms of Electrical Shock

The main symptom of an electrical shock injury is a skin burn, which can be severe. However, not all electrical injuries cause damage you can see. With high-voltage shocks, the injuries are usually internal. The effects of an electric shock can cause breathing problems, heart problems, confusion or loss of memory, weakness, paralysis, seizures, and loss of consciousness. 

You still need to see a doctor even if electric shock symptoms appear minor or there is no apparent injury. At Dignity Health Southern California, your doctor will perform a full physical examination and diagnostic tests to rule out more serious injuries.

Treatment for Electrical Shock at Dignity Health Southern California

After administering first aid for electric shock, our ER doctors provide such treatments as burn and wound care, pain management, resuscitation in cases of cardiac arrest, and cardiac monitoring for abnormal heart rhythms and other conditions. 

Our world-class emergency and heart services at Dignity Health Southern California help treat all types of electrical injuries in a healing, supportive environment. Find a Doctor today, or seek immediate care at one of our urgent care centers or ERs.

Dignity Health’s emergency medical team provides lifesaving care for electrical shock in Southern California.