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Prompt Relief for Severe Pain in Southern California

Pain is your body’s way of signaling illness or injury. It’s normal to experience pain. However, sudden pain that interferes with thinking and functioning is usually a medical emergency. Dignity Health Southern California ER doctors are trained to perform thorough assessments to identify the cause of severe pain. Our emergency department offers ongoing support if you have acute pain in Southern California.

For your comfort, you can stay at home while awaiting treatment at our emergency department. Use our online waiting tool, InQuicker, and schedule an estimated arrival time at our convenient locations in Camarillo, Glendale, Long Beach, Northridge, Oxnard, Downtown LA, and in Inland Empire cities San Bernardino, Fontana, and Highland.

Causes of Acute Pain

The location of the pain will largely determine the cause. Some medical conditions share the same symptoms Our trained health professional can evaluate your symptoms and find the cause of your pain.

Common Causes of Back Pain

An infection of the kidneys is a common cause of severe back pain. Kidney stones, a spinal cord fracture, or back muscle strain are also reasons for sudden pain in the back.

Common Causes of Abdominal Pain

Inflammation of the appendix or gallbladder can cause sudden abdominal discomfort. Abdominal aortic aneurysm, bowel obstruction, and a bleeding stomach ulcer will cause intense pain in the abdomen.

Common Causes of Severe Headache

A ruptured brain aneurysm or stroke are two sources for severe head pain. Always call 911 if you experience a very severe, sudden headache (sometimes called a thunderclap headache) or symptoms of a stroke.

Common Causes of Pelvic Pain

Pain in the lower part of the abdomen or pelvic pain can be a sign of intestinal obstruction, diverticulitis, or a miscarriage.

Diagnosing Severe Pain at Dignity Health Southern California

To ensure we offer the most personalized treatment, your doctor will ask questions about your pain. The exact location of the pain, how the pain feels, and when it began are all questions that help your emergency care team find the cause of your pain. If necessary, your doctor may recommend emergency radiology or blood tests.

It’s normal to experience anxiety along with sudden, severe pain. At Dignity Health Southern California, we promise to provide a welcoming environment and keep you informed about your emergency care plan. When sudden pain strikes, visit our emergency department for the treatment you need.

Dignity Health provides emergency care with humankindness for acute pain in Southern California.