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Diagnosing Sudden Symptoms in Southern California

Suddenly experiencing abnormal symptoms can be frustrating and scary. In most cases, sudden expected body changes indicate a serious underlying medical condition. The trained emergency services staff at Dignity Health Southern California are experienced in evaluating quick onset symptoms. Your emergency team will offer compassionate care while they work to pinpoint the cause of your pain.

Always dial 911 for symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. For odd symptoms that aren’t life threatening, you can wait at home by using our online tool InQuicker. Simply select an estimated arrival time and come to the emergency department when you’re ready to be seen.

When to Seek Emergency Care for Sudden Symptoms

You may notice that acute symptoms happen abruptly or that the pain or condition worsens rapidly.

If you’re not sure when to see a doctor, call 911 or seek emergency medical care if you suddenly experience any of the following symptoms: 

A wide range of medical conditions can cause sudden pain, including the flu, asthma, and a pulmonary embolism. Visiting the emergency department is the best way to assess and evaluate your condition.

Treating Sudden Pain at Dignity Health Southern California

Sudden severe pain or odd symptoms, often referred to as acute symptoms, require a doctor’s expert evaluation. Our emergency departments are equipped with all of the services that allow for a quick and accurate diagnosis, including blood tests and emergency radiology.

You can also help your doctor understand the cause of your symptoms sooner by: 

  • Telling your emergency care team when the symptoms started
  • What you were doing when they began
  • What makes your symptoms better or worse 

Trust our experts in Camarillo, Glendale, Long Beach, Northridge, Downtown LA, Oxnard, and in Inland Empire cities San Bernardino, Fontana, and Highland to diagnose your symptoms and provide ongoing care for your diagnosis.

Experienced emergency doctors at Dignity Health use cutting-edge technology to diagnose sudden symptoms in Southern California.