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Trusted Mitral Valve Repair in Southern California

After a diagnosis of heart valve disease, you may be wondering which treatment option is best. Dignity Health offers a range of procedures for heart valve repair in Southern California. Unlike mitral valve replacement, mitral valve repair is a minimally invasive surgery with fewer complications.

Our goal is to heal you through personalized treatment, so ask your doctor if you’re a good candidate for minimally invasive surgery. Find a Doctor today in Long Beach, Northridge, Downtown LA, Glendale, or San Bernardino to see if this heart valve surgery is right for you.

Options for Mitral Valve Repair Surgery at Dignity Health Southern California

The type of damage to the valve usually determines which surgery will be most effective. We offer several types of operations that repair the valve and improve blood flow within the heart.

Mitral Valve Annuloplasty

During this procedure, your surgeon will make several small chest incisions to stitch an annuloplasty ring around the edges of the mitral valve. The ring, which may be made from sturdy material like Gore-Tex®, supports the valve’s tissue flaps.

Balloon Valvuloplasty

Balloon valvuloplasty corrects mitral valve stenosis, a narrowing of the heart’s mitral valve. During this surgery, your surgeon will guide a catheter with a balloon through your groin to your heart. The balloon then opens up the valve to allow blood through.

Valve Repair

Valve repair involves rebuilding or reshaping the valve leaflets to improve blood flow.

What to Expect After Mitral Valve Repair Surgery

Life after mitral valve repair means your heart pumps better. But, it can take a few days, a week, or even several weeks to get back to normal. During recovery, your doctor will be available to listen to any concerns, such as unusual symptoms or questions about activities you can do. 

Rely on the personal heart services of Dignity Health Southern California to be there for you after a diagnosis of heart valve disease.

Experienced surgeons at Dignity Health Southern California perform heart valve repair in Southern California.

Mitral Valve Repair at Dignity Health in Southern California