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Expert Mitral Valve Replacement in Southern California

Mitral valve replacement is heart surgery to remove and replace a damaged mitral valve. Replacing the valve with a normal-functioning valve will restore normal blood flow through the heart and relieve mitral valve disease symptoms, such as chest pain and shortness of breath.

People with mitral valve disease can find cardiac surgeons with the right experience and expertise to perform heart valve replacement at these Dignity Health Southern California hospitals: 

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Why You May Need Mitral Valve Replacement

The heart doctors and surgeons at Dignity Health Southern California hospitals recommend replacing the valve when mitral valve repair is not an option. Mitral valve replacement is a treatment for mitral valve stenosis and mitral valve prolapse. Stenosis is a narrowed valve and prolapse is a valve that doesn’t close properly. 

What to Expect from Mitral Valve Replacement

Our heart surgeons perform mitral valve replacement during either a minimally invasive procedure or open heart surgery. Your cardiac care team will explain the procedures and determine which one is best for you well in advance of your surgery date. 

Minimally invasive valve replacement involves several small incisions in the chest area. For open mitral valve replacement, your surgeon makes a single, but larger chest incision through the breastbone. The mitral valve is removed and replaced with a new valve.

Recovery After Mitral Valve Replacement

Dignity Health Southern California heart specialists are experts in caring for patients undergoing heart surgery. You will be in a specialized cardiac care unit after mitral valve replacement surgery. Some patients stay in a cardiac telemetry unit for closer monitoring of any heart rhythm problems.

At home, follow your doctor’s aftercare instructions, such as medication prescriptions and activity restrictions, to help your recovery go as smoothly as possible.

Take Charge of Your Heart with Dignity Health Southern California

Mitral valve replacement can ease chest pain, fatigue, and breathing problems associated with mitral valve disease. In fact, many people enjoy a renewed sense of energy after mitral valve replacement. Talk to your doctor to see if this procedure is right for you. You can also take our quick heart health assessment to determine your risk factors for heart disease. 

Dignity Health provides exceptional patient-centered cardiac care, including mitral valve replacement, in Southern California.

Mitral Valve Replacement at Dignity Health in Southern California