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Treating Neck Sprain in Southern California

A neck sprain can occur when the ligament in the neck is stretched beyond its normal limit. With severe neck sprains, the ligament can partially or completely tear.

At Dignity Health Southern California, experienced orthopedic and sports medicine doctors work together to provide the latest nonsurgical therapies and minimally invasive surgical options. To learn more about treatment for a neck sprain in Southern California, Find a Doctor today. Our orthopedic specialists offer care with respect and humankindness.

Symptoms of a Neck Sprain

The most common neck sprain symptoms include: 

  • Neck pain
  • Difficulty moving your neck
  • Neck stiffness
  • Muscle spasms in the neck or shoulders
  • Numbness, tingling, and weakness in the arms and hands

You should see a doctor for cases of severe neck pain, or ongoing neck pain that limits your daily activities. For a professional diagnosis of your symptoms, visit a Dignity Health Southern California hospital near you.

Causes of a Neck Sprain

A neck sprain is caused when the ligaments of the neck receive enough force to stretch them beyond their capacity. In many cases, this is caused by some type of trauma, such as a car accident or fall. A whiplash is a form of neck sprain caused when the neck moves back and forth very fast.

Neck Sprain Treatment at Dignity Health Southern California

Your doctor will evaluate you to determine the extent of the injury. He or she will check for severe damage, such as a spinal fracture. To get a better picture of your neck, your doctor may order an X-ray.

Initial treatment may include rest, ice, and anti-inflammatory medicines. If your neck needs support while it heals, your doctor may recommend you wear a brace or soft collar for a period of time. A fully recovery from a sprained neck may take anywhere from four to six weeks. More severe sprains may take longer to heal. Our highly trained orthopedics team will care for your complete well-being every step of the way — see one of our doctors today. 

Dignity Health offers complete care to diagnose and treat all forms of neck sprain in Southern California.