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Quality Neck Surgery in Southern California

We know that constant pain in the neck can limit your daily activities and cause stress. When you want to relieve neck pain, trust our expert orthopedic services at Dignity Health Southern California. Our team of specialists is highly experienced and trained, and ready to offer personalized care for neck discomfort.

To learn more about your options for neck pain relief, Find a Doctor today for trusted neck surgery in Southern California at one of these locations:

How Neck Surgery Can Help You

Throughout the day, your neck, or cervical spine, is bending, tilting, and twisting. Even though your neck and spine are built for constant movement, over time this shifting can lead to injuries and loss of function. Cervical spine surgery is ideal for relieving pain and reversing a decreased range of motion in your neck.

You may also consider neck surgery to:

  • Restore arm strength by decompressing spinal nerves
  • Relieve pain from compressed spinal nerves (pinched nerves) in the neck
  • Remove damaged or deformed spinal discs
  • Stabilize fractures of the vertebrae

Regain mobility and schedule an appointment to see if you can benefit from neck surgery.

What to Expect from Neck Pain Treatment at Dignity Health Southern California

Our specialists can perform both outpatient and inpatient neck surgery. Many neck operations are minimally invasive, which usually come with quicker recovery and fewer complications. Extensive procedures, such as those requiring exposure to a large area of the spine, will be performed at one of our hospitals. Share your concerns and preferences with your doctor to receive neck surgery that’s personalized to you.

Neck Surgery Recovery at Dignity Health Southern California

After surgery, your doctor will share all the information you need for the quickest recovery. You may need to wear a rigid or soft neck brace, which keeps your neck from moving too much while your incisions and neck heal. Pain medication, activity restrictions, and incision care are other normal post-operative instructions for neck surgery.

Visit Dignity Health Southern California, a top performer for orthopedic surgery, for reliable neck pain relief.

Dignity Health is a trusted hospital for neck pain treatment in Southern California.