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Many people think of orthopedics as the treatment of bones, but it's much more than that. Doctors specializing in orthopedics are experts in the human skeletal system that also treats associated muscles, nerves, cartilage and other soft tissue organs. Whether you suffer from neck and back pain or need a knee replacement, the ultimate goal is to relieve pain and improve movement. The orthopedic team at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital offers enhanced mobility and decreased pain to patients suffering from orthopedic disorders caused by trauma, degenerative disease and other conditions.

Orthopedic Procedures


  • Foot and Ankle Repair 
  • Hand and Wrist Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
  • Joint Replacement and Reconstruction 
  • Musculoskeletal Oncology 
  • Pediatric Orthopedics 
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 
  • Shoulder and Elbow 
  • Sports Medicine 
  • Trauma
Whether patients need major orthopedic surgery for neck and back pain, sports medicine or arthritis care, Bakersfield Memorial Hospital orthopedic specialists are trained to handle a full range of repairs from knee replacement, to hip, shoulder, elbow, foot, ankle, hand and back joints, using advanced technology.


Feel More Like Your Old Self

If hip or knee pain is more than a nuisance; you’re missing out on the activities you love or even simple tasks have become a challenge, it’s time to take action.

Take a step toward a pain-free life. Find out if it’s time to consider joint replacement with our free Joint Pain Assessment. Get back to the activities that you love, enjoy them fully—and without pain.

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Total Joint Replacement Class

At Memorial Hospital, we realize joint replacement, like any procedure, comes with questions. That’s where our Total Joint Replacement Class comes in. Our orthopedic experts will prepare you mentally and physically for the procedure. We will also ensure your caretakers know what to expect and the best ways to support you before and after your surgery.

Learn more about our Total Joint Replacement Class at Memorial Hospital

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