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Health Equity Alliance

At St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center we believe that health is a fundamental human right, regardless of zip code, economic status, or the color of our skin. We know that a single program, organization or institution acting alone cannot independently bring about large-scale social justice or change. For these reasons, we are launching St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center’s Health Equity Alliance (HEA).*

The Health Equity Alliance will bring together diverse community organizations, government agencies and community members who share the common goal of building healthier communities, advocating for vulnerable populations, and working together to achieve health equity for all.

Health Equity Alliance Objectives:

  • Engage cross-sector collaborations with the shared goal of improving health equity.
  • Enhance our focus on addressing the social determinants of health to include health equity.
  • Learn to identify, address, and measure health disparities by delivering and engaging educational opportunities and content.

To register, please contact:

Desiree De Melo
[email protected]
(602) 406-6580