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Kidney Transplants

When a patient living with kidney failure receives a kidney transplant, especially from a living donor, there are immediate results.  The new kidney begins to remove toxins from the recipient’s body within hours. The recipient’s recovery time is shortened, and many other health complications that came from the kidney failure reverse or slow.  The recipient’s energy returns, and he or she no longer needs to schedule life around a dialysis machine.

Arizona has an extensive need for more living donors to satisfy a wait-list in the 1,000’s.  St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center provides a living donor program for those considering kidney donation. A rigorous physical is included and the time from registration to donation can be in as little as 4 weeks. Of course, donor needs are always considered to allow for work/life balance.  


Living Donor and Kidney Donation

For information on how to become a donor, please call our transplant coordinator at (602) 406-8452