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Information For Physicians

St. Joseph's Hospital and Barrow Neurological Institute want to partner and collaborate with you to provide the best treatment and care for your patients.

While we offer significant expertise in neurosurgery, including Gamma Knife and CyberKnife radiosurgery and treatment and other centers of excellence, we respect and value your medical expertise.

Whether you'd like to refer a patient to a St. Joseph's or a Barrow Neurological Institute expert or take advantage of continuing medical education through one of our programs, St. Joseph's is here to coordinate requests for you and other physicians located outside of the United States.

How To Refer A Patient

If your patient needs to travel to the United States for treatment, St. Joseph's will work closely with you to coordinate an efficient referral to the best specialist. Our team will also keep you informed of your patient's progress and treatment plan and send you the patient's records when they return home to ensure continuity of care.

To refer a patient or discuss a case with a St. Joseph's expert by phone or videoconference, please do one of the following:

Physician Education

In the dynamic world of medicine, physicians are challenged to stay informed and connected to information and colleagues that can help them provide better care to their patients and advance the science of medicine.

Each year, hundreds of physicians and other health care professionals come to St. Joseph's and Barrow Neurological Institute to expand their skills, gain new knowledge and re-train in a variety of neurological services. Barrow Neurological Institute has several symposiums and trainings which offer physicians worldwide the opportunity to stay informed on the latest developments in medicine.

To learn more about our educational offerings, call 602.406.4668.