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Diabetes Group Education

Diabetes group visits provide an opportunity to meet with a health provider and a health educator for two hours every three months. Each visit is centered around you and your diabetes.

During each diabetic group visit you will:

  • Participate in educational sessions
  • Learn how other people cope with diabetes
  • Get one-to-one time with a health provider
  • Have your medications adjusted, if needed

A group visit format allows for additional time to give you the information and education needed to manage your diabetes. Learning how other people manage their diabetes is also a valuable experience. The healthcare team consists of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, health educators, exercise specialists and psychologists.

In addition to group visits, the Family Medicine Center offers enhanced diabetes services with the assistance of a clinical pharmacist who works with patients to maximize the effectiveness of their diabetes care. We work with an insulin pump provider to help transition patients to an insulin pump, when needed, and provide ongoing assistance.

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For more information or to find a diabetes specialist, call (602) 406-7564.