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Hospitalists At St. Joseph's

A Hospitalist is a physician dedicated to the medical care to hospitalized patients. Hospitalists at St. Joseph’s are referred to as Academic Hospitalists because they engage in clinical care along with teaching residents and medical students in the field of general hospital medicine.


With 24-hour in-house coverage for inpatient care and medical consultation, our physicians work as a team to provide timely and responsive care to patients and their family members or loved ones.

Hospitalist Faculty


M. Feras Alyafi
  M. Feras Alyafi, MD 
Chief Academic Hospitalist, Assistant Professor




Dr. John Anwar, MD
  Dr. John Anwar, MD




Sri Boddupalli, MD
  Sai-Sri Boddupalli, MD
Academic Hospitalist, Associate Program Director, Clerkship Director, Assistant Professor




Moustafa Hazin
  Moustafa Hazin, DO 
Academic Hospitalist, Assistant Professor




 Paula Kiesner, DO
  Paula Kiesner, DO 
Academic Hospitalist




Sang Lee
  Sang Hyung Lee, MD
Academic Hospitalist, Assistant Professor




Steven P. Mann
  Steven P. Mann, MD
Academic Hospitalist




Suzanne Plush-Hall, DO
  Suzanne Plush-Hall, DO 
Academic Hospitalist, Assistant Professor, Clerkship Director





Roy Sabyasachi
  Dr. Roy Sabyasachi, MD
Academic Hospitalist




Learn More About Hospitalists 

To learn more about hospitalists, visit American College of Physicians - What is a Hospitalist? webpage.