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Meet St. Joseph's Rehab Team

We believe in a team approach to care and work with other medical experts, if needed. As part of St. Joseph’s Hospital, our team has access to top experts in neurology, neurosurgery, infectious disease, pulmonology, sports medicine, among many others. We will work together to determine the best treatment and rehabilitation plan, unique to your needs and goals.

Patient and Family 

At St. Joseph’s, patients and family members are an integral component of a successful treatment plan. They plan an active role in the rehabilitation process, participating in family conferences to set and review goals and assist with discharge planning.

Rehab Physician/Physiatry 
A rehab doctor, also known as a physiatrist, specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation. St. Joseph’s physiatrists may see patients in the rehabilitation unit or in other areas of the hospital. They may also oversee outpatient treatment plans.

Physical Therapy 
Physical therapists focus on the functional or physical issues from an injury or condition, with the goal of helping patients recover, manage their pain and become as independent as possible. A physical therapist might work with a patient on mobility, strength or balance issues.

Occupational Therapy 
Occupational therapists help patients regain or maintain their ability to perform activities of daily living, from bathing and dressing to writing and cooking. Occupational therapy may also include vocational skills and vision exercises.

Speech Language Pathology 
Speech therapists diagnose and treat speech, language, cognitive, voice and swallow disorders.

Rehab Nursing 
Our rehab nurses help ensure that inpatients receive the best care possible. A rehab nurse is responsible for giving patients their medications, fulfilling doctor’s orders, monitoring vital signs, anticipating potential complications and charting patient progress.

Recreation Therapy 
Recreation therapists promote a healthy leisure lifestyle through introduction to adaptive activities, sports, aquatics, education and community integration. Recreation therapy also provides recreational opportunities to improve patients’ health and well-being.

Social Worker/ Care Manager 
Our social workers and care managers help patients and their families navigate social, emotional and economic issues, such as acquiring insurance authorization for rehabilitation treatment or finding post-hospital care. They also assist with discharge planning. 

A neuropsychologist has specialized training in neurological functioning, injury and recovery. Neuropsychologists assess changes in thinking, behavior or emotions after neurological illness/injury, assist with rehabilitation and treatment planning, and provide education and support to patients and family members in adapting to these conditions.

Many rehabilitation patients have unique dietary needs, such as a lack of appetite or the inability to swallow. St. Joseph’s dietitians monitor the food and nutritional needs of patients to ensure adequate nutrition.

Respiratory Therapy 
Respiratory Therapists help patients maintain lung function through the maintenance of tracheostomy tubes, clearing of secretions, administration of respiratory medications and other therapies.