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Patient Testimonials

At St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center Advanced Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Center, we treat our patients are like family, and we know they feel the same way too! We do our best to provide expert care in wound healing, but we also listen, we empathize, we care.

Meet David

“I was in triage less than 5 minutes and they were talking about taking the foot below the knee.”

“Within two weeks of the start of the hyperbaric the wound on my toe had healed.”

“It’s amazing what it can do. Well, you think it’s just oxygen, but when you apply 4 or 5 times the normal oxygen to the body, the BODY CAN DO AMAZING things.”

“One good thing I liked from the time I started here is the team! It’s very patient-centered; it’s very comforting knowing you have the staff behind you that they do here.”

---- David, Patient Testimonial

Meet Robert

“It’s a bone infection that I dealt with. I couldn’t help it. I lost two toes…I was sick, very, very sick. The last resort was to do the amputation to get rid of the infection.”

“When I came here I did not know what to expect. They explained it to me, it’s the equivalent of going scuba diving 40 feet down, and it’s pressurized inside the chamber, and it will help me heal my wounds.”

“It was an awesome experience. It was something I never expected, but I am glad I experienced it. It got me to the point where I am now.”

“I knew some time I would get to the point where I would hear those words, we’re done; you don’t have to come back here no more. When you hear those words, the best words you can hear.”

---- Robert, Former Patient