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Diagnosing & Treating Vascular Conditions in Arizona

Vascular conditions are diseases and disorders that affect your vascular system — your veins, arteries, and other blood vessels. This system is also called the circulatory system. Some vascular conditions are not dangerous, such as spider veins, while others can be life threatening, such as a blood clot.

Chronic vascular conditions develop over years and need ongoing medical treatment. Acute vascular conditions appear quickly and may go away with treatment. 

Dignity Health is a nationally recognized leader in heart and vascular care. We provide a range cardiovascular services  and diagnostic procedures at our St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center and Chandler Regional Medical Center locations. We offer a full range of care from a team of cardiologists and other specialists, including nurses, therapists, technicians, and dieticians. Call (844) 852-0648 or use our Find a Doctor tool to get care for vascular conditions in Arizona.


What Causes Vascular Disease & Vascular Conditions?

Vascular conditions can be caused by structural problems with blood vessels, genetic abnormalities, and many other underlying medical conditions. Some lifestyle choices, such as smoking, can increase your risk of developing a vascular condition. A family history of certain vascular diseases can also raise your risk.


Vascular Disease Symptoms

The symptoms of vascular conditions depend on the specific veins or arteries affected. Symptoms range from fatigue and mild pain to trouble breathing. Some conditions affect your entire vascular system. These are  called “systemic” vascular conditions. Vasculitis, or inflammation of the blood vessels, is one example.

Vascular conditions include: 


Treatment of Vascular Conditions at Dignity Health

The treatment of any vascular condition depends on your overall health and the severity of the condition. The goals of treatment can be to slow the progression of the condition, relieve symptoms, or prevent complications of the disease. Your risk of developing some vascular conditions can be lowered by making heart-healthy lifestyle choices, including getting regular exercise and quitting smoking. These practices may also help prevent the disease from getting worse.

Dignity Health provides cardiovascular treatment for vascular conditions in Arizona.