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Compassionate Care for Limb Ischemia in Arizona

Critical limb ischemia, or simply limb ischemia, is the restriction of blood flow and loss of tissue oxygenation to the legs, feet, or hands. It occurs when blood flow to the limbs is blocked. Limb ischemia can result in tissue death from lack of oxygen and nutrients.

Use our Find a Doctor tool or call (844) 852-0648 to locate a Dignity Health cardiologist who specializes in vascular conditions, including limb ischemia, in Arizona. As a nationally recognized leader in heart and vascular care, we offer a full range of care from a team of nurses, specialists, therapists, technicians, and dietitians. We provide cardiovascular services at our St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center and Chandler Regional Medical Center locations.


Common Causes of Limb Ischemia

Limb ischemia is a sign of advanced peripheral artery disease caused by a buildup of plaque in your blood vessels. The plaque makes it harder for blood to flow through to your limbs.


Limb Ischemia Symptoms

Symptoms of limb ischemia may include: 

  • Shiny, pale skin compared to the rest of the body
  • Pain during movement or at rest
  • Skin temperature cooler than the rest of the body
  • Feeling of pins and needles
  • Paralysis
  • No or weak pulse in the affected limb
  • Thickened toenails
  • Skin infections and sores that do not heal


Preventing Limb Ischemia

If you have peripheral artery disease, follow your treatment plan to help prevent limb ischemia. Keep a close watch for symptoms of limb ischemia to identify the problem before it becomes too severe.


Limb Ischemia Treatment at Dignity Health

If you have limb ischemia, you need treatment as soon as possible to increase blood flow to the affected limb and prevent permanent damage. Treatment from your Dignity Health care team may include: 

Dignity Health offers diagnostic procedures and cardiovascular treatments for limb ischemia in Arizona.