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Find Advanced Epilepsy Treatment in Arizona

Epilepsy treatment focuses on reducing the severity and frequency of seizures. It may include treatment for underlying conditions, medications, and surgery. 

At Dignity Health, your collaborative epilepsy care team is made up of experienced epileptologists, nurses, and other epilepsy specialists who meet weekly to track your progress. We monitor your seizures as they happen using specialized equipment in our advanced epilepsy monitoring unit. This approach allows us to customize treatment to your specific needs. 

Find a Doctor online or by calling (855) 231-6180. Make the most of your appointment by knowing what to expect and getting tips on what to bring with you. For your convenience, we offer neurological care and epilepsy treatment at several of our Arizona locations:


Seizure Treatment: Finding & Treating the Underlying Cause of Epilepsy

Often, the first step in treating epilepsy is identifying any underlying condition causing seizures, such as a brain tumor, infection, or abnormal blood vessels in the brain. If a cause is found, treatment may include medications or surgery to remove tumors or repair blood vessels.

Curing the underlying condition can sometimes stop seizures and epilepsy symptoms completely. However, your doctor may recommend follow-up and monitoring to make sure they don’t come back.


Anticonvulsant Medications for Epilepsy

Your doctor may recommend anticonvulsant medications if treating an underlying condition did not stop your seizures or if the cause of your epilepsy is unknown. You may need to try more than one medication before finding one that works for you. 

Before taking anticonvulsant medications, it’s important to understand:

  • Many anticonvulsant medications can affect bone health. 
  • Your dosage may need to be changed every now and then.
  • You may need routine blood testing to check for side effects.
  • Some anticonvulsant medications can cause birth defects. Women who take anticonvulsant medications should talk to their doctor before getting pregnant.


Epilepsy Surgery at Dignity Health

Your doctor may recommend surgery if your epilepsy doesn’t respond to medications. Not everyone with epilepsy is a candidate for surgery. 

Some neurosurgical procedures for epilepsy involve removing pieces of tissue in the area of the brain that is causing your seizures. Another surgical option is a vagal nerve stimulator (VNS). This implanted device is similar in size and function to a heart pacemaker.

Dignity Health provides a range of state-of-the-art epilepsy treatments in Arizona.