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Dignity Health: Treating Back Pain With Laminectomy in Arizona

If you have severe back pain caused by spinal nerve pressure, a laminectomy may be a helpful solution. 

During this form of spine surgery — also referred to as spinal decompression or decompressive laminectomy — a surgeon makes space in the spinal canal by removing the lamina (a) bony area in the spine. The lamina makes up the back portion of each vertebrae in the spine. Removing it can relieve pressure on spinal nerves and ease back pain.

An orthopedic doctor at Dignity Health can walk you through the procedure and determine if this surgery might be right for you. To learn more about our approach to laminectomy in Arziona, Find a Doctor today near you.


Am I a Candidate for Laminectomy?

If medication and physical therapy hasn’t been successful at treating back pain caused by spinal pressure, your doctor may recommend laminectomy. 

This procedure may be helpful for people who have persistent back or leg pain, numbness, or weakness due to the following conditions:

  • Spinal stenosis, narrowing of the spinal column
  • Herniated disc, displacement of the spinal disk between vertebrae
  • Bone spurs, abnormal bone growth on vertebrae
  • Degenerative disc disease, the wearing away of the cushioning discs between vertebrae 
  • Sciatica, pain in the buttock and leg caused by lower back nerve compression
  • Spondylosis, wear and tear on spinal discs

Be sure to talk with our experienced doctors about your eligibility for minimally invasive laminectomy, which may result in less pain and a faster recovery period (c)ompared to open surgery.


What to Expect with a Laminectomy

Surgery for laminectomy may either be open — with a large incision — or minimally invasive — with several small incisions. This is major surgery, so you will have either general or regional anesthesia during the procedure. Depending on the type of surgery you have and your overall health, you may spend a few days in the hospital recovering, or go home the same day.


Laminectomy Recovery & Life After Surgery

Physical therapy will help you learn how to walk, move, and sit in ways that protect your back from future injury. A full recovery from may take four to six weeks or more. For most people, laminectomy allows them to return to do things they could no longer do before surgery.

Your Dignity Health doctor will help you determine ways to prevent future back pain, including keeping a healthy weight, having good posture, using proper form when lifting objects, and exercising regularly to strengthen your back muscles.

Dignity Health offers advanced surgical care for laminectomy in Arizona, as part of our orthopedic services.