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Women’s Health: Prevention & Cancer Screenings in Arizona

One of the most valuable aspects in the fight against cancer is routine screenings for prevention and detection of the disease. Dignity Health offers a wide array of cancer screenings in order to help detect cancer during the earliest stages, when it is most treatable. 

If you or a loved one would like to learn more about cancer prevention in Arizona, Find a Doctor at Dignity Health today. Our doctors and oncology specialists work together to provide the latest screening methods for cancer.

At Dignity Health, our doctors, including oncologists, radiologists, and pathologists, are dedicated to excellence in care, offering personalized treatment with humankindness for the prevention of cancer.

Types of Cancer Screenings We Offer at Dignity Health

Experienced health care providers can check for all types of cancer at Dignity Health hospitals and outpatient clinics. Even if you are a healthy person without any signs or symptoms, it’s still important to follow up with your primary care doctor for any recommended cancer screenings. Such screenings are based on your age and medical history. 

Dignity Health performs recommended women’s health screenings for many types of cancer: 

  • Breast cancer. Tests we perform may include clinical breast exams, mammograms, breast ultrasounds, and breast MRI’s. It is recommended that all women should have an annual breast exam. Mammograms should start between the ages of 40 and 50. If you have a higher-than-average risk of breast cancer, your doctor may perform additional screenings using breast ultrasound or MRI.
  • Cervical cancer. The primary tests for cervical cancer are Pap and HPV tests. It is recommended that all women age 21 and above should start screenings for cervical cancer. For women between the ages of 21 and 29, a Pap test is recommended every three years. Women between 30 and 65 are recommended to have a Pap test/HPV test every five years.
  • Colon cancer. For women age 50 and over (o)r sooner if at an increased risk, screenings for colon cancer are recommended via colonoscopy, fecal screening tests, sigmoidoscopy, or computed tomography (CT) or barium enema of the colon.
  • Skin cancer. Women of all ages are recommended to have all surfaces of the body checked during an annual physical exam.

Some women also need routine screenings for endometrial or lung cancer, depending on their medical history and personal risk factors. For women who are or were heavy smokers, between the ages of 55 and 74, regular lung cancer screenings are very important.

What to Expect With Cancer Screenings

Screenings for cancer are typically offered at doctors’ offices. More complex screenings, like mammograms, are performed in a hospital setting or an outpatient radiology clinic. The results of cancer screenings, such as a Pap test, mammogram, and colonoscopy, will usually be available in about a week. If your test shows any abnormalities, your doctor may recommend additional screenings and test.

Dignity Health performs all recommended cancer screenings in Arizona, as part of our women’s health services.