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Palliative Care

Being hospitalized with an advanced, progressive illness can be overwhelming. There are many questions and choices. To help you and your loved ones during this sensitive time, Dominican Hospital offers the additional support of a skilled Palliative Care team.

The Best Quality Of  Life Possible

The goal of palliative care is to achieve comfort, offer support and provide the best quality of life for you and your families during times of illness, transition and loss. Palliative care can be appropriate whether a person has just been diagnosed, is in active treatment, has completed therapy or is nearing the end of life.

Our team works closely with your health care providers to help you develop a treatment plan according to your wishes. Our team can help coordinate the multiple sources of treatment and care that patients with advanced illness need.

Helping You In Your Time Of Need

  • Assistance with arrangements for post-hospital care
  • Coordination of care and communication among you, your family, doctors and other care providers
  • Emotional and spiritual support
  • Help with making end-of-life decisions, or making or resolving bioethical dilemmas
  • Information on Advance Care Planning to help make informed decisions on life-sustaining and life-extending measures, their benefits and burdens
  • Pain and symptom management, especially for complex cases where relief is difficult to achieve
  • Referral to community and outpatient resources such as rehabilitation, home health and hospice
  • Support for loved ones and caregivers

Dominican's palliative care professionals are committed to evaluating and controlling physical, emotional and spiritual pain and symptoms that come with diseases such as cancer, heart disease and lung disorders.

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