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Dominican Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation Center has moved!

111 Madrone Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 457-7057


Outpatient Rehabilitation Center

Hand and Arm Rehabilitation Clinic

At Dominican Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation Center’s Hand and Arm Rehabilitation Clinic, you are an active member of the rehabilitation process. Our hand therapists guide you safely and promptly after surgery or from the early stages of injury or disease to performing daily living, work, sports or creative activities once again.

Lymphedema Clinic

In Dominican Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation Center’s lymphedema therapy program, our certified lymphedema therapists provide treatment, while helping you to manage and control your condition.

Pediatric OT and PT

At Dominican Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, we help children with developmental, neurological, orthopedic, sensory or feeding difficulties and their families. We offer high quality occupational therapy and physical therapy, designed to meet unique needs of infants and young children.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Our highly trained and experienced Orthopedic Physical Therapy team, provides results-oriented, personalized therapy services for patients with all types of orthopedic injuries, conditions and surgeries.

Oncology Rehabilitation

Physical therapy can help you avoid the fatigue and impairment that often accompany oncology treatments. Our therapists will guide you safely through a personalized exercise program to help manage and reduce your pain.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy focuses on improving a patient’s verbal and nonverbal communication skills, problem solving abilities, concentration, memory, voice quality, and swallowing ability/function.

Wheelchair/Mobility Program

If you have impaired mobility due to injury or illness, the Wheelchair/Mobility Program at Dominican Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation Center has expert services that can help. Our therapists work together with qualified vendors to identify the most effective mobility aid and/or wheelchair equipment for you.

Vestibular Therapy

Dominican Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation Center’s Vestibular Rehabilitation provides an evidence-based approach in Physical Therapy aimed at decreasing or eliminating dizziness and imbalance in patients with vestibular dysfunction.

Neurological Physical Therapy (and Ekso GT)

Dominican Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation Center offers individualized and evidence based interventions to help patients with neurological impairments due to illness, disease or injury of the nervous system.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists use their skills to help patients develop, recover, or maintain activities of daily living and work skills when they have a physical or cognitive disorder.