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Natural Childbirth

What You Can Expect with Natural Childbirth at Dominican Hospital

Labor is typically divided into three stages. This first stage of labor is further divided into three phases: early labor, active labor, and transition.

  • During early labor your contractions will be far enough apart that you can easily rest in between them. You may feel anxious, excited, or nauseated.
  • In active labor, your contractions will increase in frequency and intensity. They will become closer together and last longer. You may find it hard to fully relax between contractions.
  • As you approach transition, your contractions may feel as if they are one on top of the other. It is also very common for women to say things like, “I can’t” or “I don’t think I can do this anymore” during transition.  Transition is the shortest stage of labor and indicates that birth is near.

The second stage of labor is the pushing phase. Women who have not received any pain medication during birth often describe an irresistible desire to push and a strong burning sensation as the baby’s head stretches the vaginal opening. You’ll feel some relief when the baby’s head exits your body; the rest of the baby’s body soon follows.

Contractions continue during the third stage of labor, which lasts from the baby’s birth until the delivery of the placenta.

Your experienced Dominican birthing team will support you at every stage of labor and delivery. Pain relief options commonly used during natural childbirth include distraction, water therapy, massage, controlled breathing techniques, and relaxation techniques.