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Podiatry Medicine and Surgery Residency Program

St. Mary’s Medical Center offers a Podiatry Medicine and Surgery Residency Program, with added credentials (rear foot and ankle reconstructive surgery residency program, which takes three residents per year.) St. Mary’s Medical Center is proud to produce confident and well-trained podiatric physicians competent in performing forefoot, rear foot and ankle reconstructive surgery, trauma surgery and diabetic wound care.

First Year

The first year is primarily an internship with emphasis on internal medicine, emergency medicine, podiatric surgery, orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery and trauma. This year is challenging, but integrates into multiple disciplines and makes a well-rounded physician.

Second Year

The second year is more focused with an emphasis on wound care, plastic reconstruction, sports medicine, podiatric reconstructive surgery and trauma.

Third Year

The third year is all podiatric surgical rotations with emphasis on elective foot and ankle surgery, rear foot and ankle reconstructive surgery and trauma. Throughout the second and third years the residents work in podiatric clinics and multidisciplinary clinics that provides training experience in trauma, elective surgery, biomechanics, wound care, limb salvage, and amputations.

Throughout the training, there are teaching responsibilities for medical students, podiatric medical students, and medical and surgical interns. There are also wide ranges of academic meetings to ensure knowledge is expanding with skills.

Learn More About Us

To learn more about St. Mary’s Podiatry Medicine and Surgery Residency Program, please call (415) 750-5781.