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Podiatry Residency Teaching

Teaching is a major focus on the St. Mary's Medical Center podiatric residency. Within many of our rotations we are working with students or residents from other specialties and it is expected that our residents will increase their knowledge base within podiatry.

The following are some examples of rotations and who we help to teach:

  • R1 - Internal Medicine, St. Mary's 4th year medical students, R1 medical interns
  • R1 - Podiatric Surgery, St. Mary's 3rd year podiatry students, 4th year podiatry externs
  • R1 - Plastic Surgery, San Francisco General R1 surgical interns
  • R1 - Dermatology, San Francisco General 4th year medical students
  • R1 - Emergency Medicine, Highland 4th year medical students, R1 medical interns
  • R1 - Rheumatology, Highland 4th year medical students
  • R2 - Podiatric Surgery, Seton 3rd and 4th year podiatry students
  • R2 - Podiatric Surgery, Highland 2nd, 3rd and 4th year podiatry students
  • R3 - Podiatric Surgery, St. Mary's 2nd, 3rd and 4th year podiatry students, R1 podiatry interns
  • R3 - Podiatric Surgery, Highland 2nd, 3rd, 4th year podiatry students, Podiatry R2

Teaching takes a variety of forms throughout residency. These include:

  • Being available to answer questions
  • Letting students follow a patient with you and reviewing their notes and discussing pertinent topics as they arise Instructing students during surgery, particularly with suturing
  • Organizing handouts on topics and lecturing
  • Putting together Powerpoint presentations and lecturing
  • Teaching hands-on skills (e.g. ABG's, inserting a catheter, etc.)


St. Mary's Medical Center prides itself on giving back to the community. They achieve this partly through free health screenings. There is typically one health fair a month that podiatry residents are asked to participate in.  At times the residents are the only doctors present, other health fairs have other medical residents or attendings. This typically occurs on a Saturday, for half of the day. The Sisters at St. Mary's are always very thankful for our participation, as are the patients.