What We Offer

A key aspect of amputation prevention is teamwork between podiatrists and vascular surgeons. When both specialists work together in the same program, as they do at St. Mary’s Amputation Prevention Center, you can be confident that your condition will be assessed more quickly. This will also help you to avoid long wait times between doctor visits. 

St. Mary’s Amputation Prevention Center is one of only a handful in California and across the nation to bring together vascular surgeons and podiatrists in a comprehensive program. When you visit our Center, our team of specialists from many disciplines jumps into action and begins an aggressive path toward preserving your limb.

One Stop Shop

Our Center has leading-edge technology and surgical interventions, as well as some of the most highly qualified specialists in the field. Our goal is to be a true “one stop shop” for you. We are proud to offer:

  • An integrated team of leading vascular, plastic/reconstructive, and podiatric surgeons dedicated to preventing amputations
  • On-site vascular testing
  • On-site orthotic and prosthetic consultation
  • On-site diabetes education
  • On-site consultations with  infectious disease and endocrinology specialists
  • Advanced skin substitute grafts, epidermal skin grafting, stem cell therapy, and specialized dressings
  • Vascular surgeons specializing in restoration of maximum blood flow, if you have poor circulation in your lower extremities 
  • Podiatric surgeons specializing in foot reconstruction to restore function, reduce the risk of amputation, and prevent recurrence
  • Wound healing and management techniques, including offloading, surgical debridement, infection control, negative pressure wound therapy, and wound closure techniques.

Learn More About The Amputation Center

To learn more about the St. Mary’s Amputation Prevention Center, or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (888) 98-WOUND.