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Security and Independence

Help when you need it.



Lifeline offers security and independence, providing a telephone link with emergency care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here to Help

The Lifeline program offered by Mercy brings peace of mind to hundreds of families in the Bakersfield area by ensuring that help is available whenever it is needed. When a user pushes the Lifeline button, which can be worn around the neck or on the wrist, a speaker box attached to the home phone is activated and automatically connects to the Lifeline call center.

“Once speaking with the call center, the user explains the problem to the dispatcher who contacts the necessary responder,” says Marlynn Verdugo, Lifeline coordinator at Mercy. For minor problems, a designated family member, friend, or neighbor is called, and for more serious situations, the dispatcher sends emergency services.

“If the subscriber can push the button but is unable to speak, the Lifeline monitor will call the first responder listed on the Care Plan Agreement. If no responder is available, emergency services will be summoned,” adds Verdugo.

The reassurance Lifeline provides allows many people to maintain their independence longer and reduces the need for family members worry about their loved ones. “Knowing that Lifeline is here for me when I need it gives me a lot of satisfaction,” Seagrave says. “This was the first time I’ve needed Lifeline in the time that I’ve had it, but the peace of mind it provides me is well worth the subscription cost.”

Learn More

For more information about the peace of mind Lifeline can offer, call 661.632.5111.