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Mercy Hospitals

Caring for our community for more than 100 years.
Mercy Hospital Downtown and Mercy Hospital Southwest 
Mercy has two hospitals in Bakersfield for convenient access to quality health care.  

Founded in 1910 by the Sisters of Mercy and situated in downtown Bakersfield, Mercy Hospital Downtown is licensed for 144 acute care beds, including a 31-bed medical unit, a 31-bed surgical unit, a 31-bed telemetry unit, a 29-bed guarded care unit and a 20-bed adult ICU. The full range of medical and surgical services also includes; a 14-station, Level II Base-Station Emergency Department; six surgical suites; post anesthesia care unit; ambulatory and prep units; outpatient surgery and outpatient GI laboratory. Mercy Hospital Downtown is also home to the area’s only inpatient oncology unit.

Mercy Hospital Southwest has established a similar reputation for superior health care, since opening in 1992. This 78-bed facility adjacent to California State University includes our respected Family Birth Center, which features an 18-bed labor delivery recovery postpartum unit (LDRP), an 11-bed postpartum unit, and a 9-bed NICU. The Family Birth Center offers expectant mothers a warm, home-like setting with bedroom suites for labor, delivery and recovery.

Mercy Hospital Southwest also includes a 43-bed Medical and Surgical Unit. Mercy Hospital Southwest is the only acute care hospital west of Hwy 99. It boasts a 14-bed Level II Emergency Department, an 8-bed ICU along with 10 tele beds, and 6 operating rooms. One of which is a state-of-the-art minimally invasive surgical video suite. The technology offers patients the opportunity for surgery with less scaring and quicker recovery. Complete with all digital video monitors and a plasma screen for wide viewing, this suite is the only one available between Los Angeles and San Francisco.