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Happy Birth Day

Dignity Health is well-known for its commitment to exceptional care of mothers and their newborns.


Family Birth Center

Mercy's Family Birth Center is a comfortable, family-centered environment staffed by dedicated professionals who are here to guide and support you every step of the way, from pregnancy through giving birth.

Giving Birth at Mercy

The Family Birth Center suites at Mercy Hospital Southwest are designed for the comfort and care of you and your baby. Our private suites are spacious and modern. They feature adjustable beds and a bathroom with a shower as well as a state-of-the-art fetal monitoring system among other equipment necessary to provide quality care for you and your baby. Each suite also includes comfortable pull out furniture for an overnight guest.  Free Wi-Fi is available.

We want your birth experience to be as comfortable as possible. Your pain will be monitored closely and options for pain control will be available to you. For mothers-to-be that are planning to have an epidural, there is an anesthesiologist in-house—not just on call—24 hours a day who can respond quickly when it's time to deliver.  

Our team has the training and technical resources to respond to unexpected or special needs. Surgical suites designed for complicated deliveries and cesarean sections are located very closely to the Family Birth Center. This allows you and your physician the comfort of knowing that they can be accessed immediately if a cesarean section should become necessary.

* Please note, visitation is limited due to current COVID restrictions. For the most up-to-date visitation restrictions, please click here.

OB Triage

As part of our vision to elevate the level of care and service we provide to expectant mothers, Mercy Hospital Southwest is proud to be the first Licensed OB Emergency Department in Kern County. If you are 20 weeks or more and have an urgent or emergent pregnancy-related need, take comfort in knowing that you will be seen by one of our OB/GYN hospitalists or your personal OB/GYN – regardless of time, complications, or circumstances.

Commonly referred to as OB Triage, our OBED is where you will go for any of the following:

  • Urgent or emergent pregnancy-related issues (for patients 20 weeks or greater)
  • Common Pregnancy issues or complications including bleeding, abdominal trauma, decreased fetal movement, active labor etc. (you will be assessed to determine if it is time to be admitted)
  • High risk Emergency OB care
  • Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Parenting Classes

We are committed to helping you be the best parent you can be-think of us as your wellness partner before, during, and after pregnancy. We offer parenting and childbirth classes for moms-to-be and their partners. Our childbirth classes will help you prepare for the new addition to your family, starting with the experience of giving birth. The more you know, the more relaxed you will be when the time comes. Parenting classes will give you the knowledge and skills you will need to confidently care for your baby.  

Learn more about our parenting and childbirth classes.

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Learn More About the Family Birth Center

To learn more about having your baby at Mercy Hospital Southwest, please call 661.663.6050.