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Nurse Residency

Mercy Medical Center’s RN Residency Program Sets Up New Nursing Graduates For Success

Mercy Medical Center’s (MMCM) New Graduate RN Residency Program assists registered nurse graduates in transitioning from nursing school students to professional practitioners in a supportive environment. The program is built on an evidence-based model consisting of clinical experience, classroom education, support, and mentoring.

This comprehensive 6-month program starts after their MMCM hire date and includes the following:

  • One-to-One Preceptors and Professional Resource Support
  • Didactic Setting and Skills Review
  • Role and Unit Rotations

During their residency, new nurse residents become familiar with multiple hospital departments, as well as areas related to the unit for which they were hired. RN residents also have an opportunity to shadow other members of the MMCM healthcare team to expand their knowledge in order to encompass a global perspective in patient-centered care.

Sherri Perez-Velasco, Clinical Manager of the RN Residency Program at Mercy Medical Center, emphasizes the importance such a program plays in helping grow and retain the future workforce of nurses. “Consistently providing high-quality care and exceptional experiences for our patients is why our program is sought out by new nurses,” says Perez-Velasco. “In the year 2022 alone, our program has proudly enrolled 82 RN residents, and we look forward to the enrollment of more nurses in our program to continue serving the needs of our community.”

In 2021, Laura Ruscoe completed the MMCM RN Residency Program. “The RN Residency Program was very helpful for me as it aided in my transition from a student nurse to a licensed Registered Nurse,” stated Ruscoe. “I found great value in the education, support, and the comradery that the new grad program builds amongst fellow RN Residents and preceptors.” Today, Laura is a nurse on our telemetry floor.

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Thursday, November 17, 2022

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