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Mercy Medical Center doctors and staff are committed to getting
you healthy and back on your feet.


Critical Care Services

Mercy Medical Center's 20 bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) offers specialized care for patients with any potentially life-threatening medical, surgical, or heart condition requiring continuous monitoring.

ICU Team

Our compassionate and highly trained ICU team is made up of registered nurses, patient care technicians, monitor technicians, hospitalists, intensivists, and other health care providers specializing in critical care. We dedicate one nurse to every two patients.

Advanced ICU Care

In the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), every second counts, no matter the hour or the day. That is why Mercy Medical Center has partnered with Advanced ICU Care ®.

Every room in our ICU has a specialized camera that allows Advanced ICU Care intensivists (doctors with special training in critical care) to monitor our patients’ condition every minute of the day and night. This means there is always someone watching over vital signs and conditions, even when our doctors cannot be present.

Visiting the ICU

We understand the healing process will include the love and support from family and friends, which is why our ICU has open visiting hours. For information on visiting the ICU, see our ICU Visitor Guidelines.

Please remember that patients in the ICU often have weakened immune systems. Although it may be difficult, if you are not feeling well it is important to postpone visiting.