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ICU Visitor Guidelines

We understand that the healing process will include the love and support from you, the family, and friends.

What to Expect When Visiting the ICU

After admission to the ICU, the nurse will seek to identify a family spokesperson to be the contact person between the nursing staff, family, and friends. The family spokesperson can meet with the care provider team on a regular basis and get updated information, have questions answered, and communicate to the rest of the family members.

Creating a quiet and healing environment is our goal for all of our patients. Which is why we encourage everyone in the ICU to keep their conversations low and in soft tones. During the shift change we encourage the family spokesperson to be present and involved in the bedside report. This allows the advocate/spokesperson to have current information to share with family and visitors.

To protect the health of your loved ones, we encourage you not to visit if you are feeling sick, for example you have a sore throat, cold, or temperature.

In case of an emergency, we may need to access your loved ones room with additional equipment. Visitors will be asked to wait in the waiting room during this time.

We ask family to stay in the patient's room or waiting rooms at all times, rather than waiting in hallways, to ensure fire safety, privacy, and confidentiality for all of our patients.

Please take care of yourself as well. We encourage family members to take frequent breaks for meals and rest.

In the ICU patient area

  • Always use hand gel before entering a patient's room and upon leaving a patient's room (Gel is mounted in every patient room)

In the ICU waiting room

This is a shared area, please:

  • Refrain from eating meals in the waiting room
  • Be respectful towards others