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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on improving a patient’s function as it pertains to daily living skills. This includes dressing, grooming and eating, in addition to improving motor, cognitive, and social skills.


Mercy Outpatient Center
Therapy Services
2740 M Street
Merced, CA 95340


Our occupational therapists specialize in increasing strength and movement of the hands and upper extremities. They assist patients in relearning functional tasks, as well as instruct them on how to utilize adaptive equipment that may make some daily tasks easier.

Upper Extremity Repetitive Stress Interventions - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tenosynovitis, and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.

Upper Extremity Post Surgical Rehabilitation - Surgical tendon/ligament repairs, Colles fracture, joint replacement, and a Certified Hand Therapist.

Splint Fabrication and Fitting - Custom static and dynamic splints, as well as immobilization splints.

Neurological Rehabilitation - Muscle re-education and training following: stroke, head injury, or peripheral nerve damage.

Call 209.564.4260 for more information about Mercy’s rehabilitation services.