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Central Coast Health Center Launches Augmedix

Dignity Health, which locally includes Arroyo Grande Community Hospital (AGCH), French Hospital Medical Center (FHMC), and Marian Regional Medical Center (MRMC), is pleased to announce the launch of Augmedix, powered by Google Glass within their physician health center system, Pacific Central Coast Health Centers.

Augmedix was launched at multiple Pacific Central Coast Health Centers throughout the Central Coast. Our physicians at the designated health centers are now using Google Glass, an optical and auditory device, throughout the day as they meet with patients. Augmedix and Google Glass allow a highly-trained scribe, located off site, to securely see and hear what the doctor experiences in real time. This allows the scribe to precisely document the exam in the patient's medical record, giving the physician more time to focus on the patient and not on their computer.   

Augmedix is an innovative solution to patient-charting. It is designed for the health care industry and follows strict health information security rules under the United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Google Glass is hands-free and medical notes are taken in real-time, which improve the time needed to properly document in a medical record and allows for faster transactions between labs, medications, referrals, etc. This wearable technology will optimize patient notes and reduce physician documentation time by up to ten hours per week, allowing for more time between the physician and their patients.       

“The addition of Augmedix and Google Glass at our Dignity Health Central Coast physician offices provides another resource with which we can continue to improve the experience patients have with their physicians and the quality of care we deliver,” says Dr. Scott Robertson, Chief Physician Executive, Dignity Health Central Coast. “This innovative service saves time, improves the quality of patient records, and ensures our patients are receiving the latest and best in patient care technology." 

Pacific Central Coast Health Centers is Dignity Health Central Coast’s physician health center system which includes over 30 locations and over 80 physicians. Read more about Pacific Central Coast Health Centers. 

Dignity Health Central Coast

Dignity Health Central Coast is comprised of five hospitals, all recognized for their quality of care, safety and service, primary care offices, premier ambulatory surgery centers, technologically advanced imaging centers, outpatient services and comprehensive home health services. Hospitals in the Dignity Health Central Coast region include Arroyo Grande Community Hospital in Arroyo Grande, French Hospital Medical Center in San Luis Obispo, Marian Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria, St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital in Camarillo and St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Oxnard. Each hospital is supported by an active philanthropic Foundation to provide additional funding to support new programs and services, as well as to advance the community’s access to health care. 

Publish date: 

Monday, November 28, 2016