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Surgical Spine Program

Spine Technology

Our technology offers many advantages over traditional spinal surgery including:

  • More precise procedures and outcomes
  • Improved patient safety
  • Decreased surgical time
  • Faster recovery

Spine Navigation

  • Our technology allows surgeons to perform your spinal surgery with efficiency and superior accuracy, all while keeping you safe from unnecessary radiation.
  • Images of your spine are taken before and during surgery, creating a surgical navigation map that helps guide your surgeon throughout the procedure.
  • Decreased surgical time and surgical precision lead to decreased recovery time, so you can recover faster and better.

Spine New 7D Navigation System for Spine Surgery at French Hospital Medical Center

  • French Hospital Medical Center offers the latest spine decompression and stabilization procedures guided by the state-of-the-art technology
  • Our new spine suite features several pieces of new technology that together provide improved visibility and greater precision with smaller incisions for shorter recovery times
  • One example is the SeaSpine 7D Navigation System that allows our surgeons to perform spine procedures with precise navigation, using innovative radiation-free technology
  • Think of it as a GPS for your spinal procedure: allows your surgeon to see your anatomy in 3D in order to view and track the placement of surgical instruments during your procedure
  • Benefits include:
    • Reduced risks - Using image guidance systems to guide the placement of an implant has been shown to reduce the risk for revision surgery
    • Highly accurate - A computer and 3D images let your surgeon continuously view and track surgical tools during your procedure, helping them navigate through delicate anatomy with greater precision
    • Radiation-free - Unlike other image guided surgery systems, the 7D Surgical System uses only light during the procedure. No exposure to X-rays or CT scans required for spinal surgeries
      • If at any time during the procedure there is any change of position, we can quickly re-register in less than a minute using just a flash of light. No additional radiation and in less time.
    • Streamlined procedure - By reducing the multiple steps that other¬† image guided surgery¬† systems require, your surgeon is able to focus on the most important thing: your spinal procedure
  • The spine suite at French Hospital Medical Center means that patients have access to state-of-the-art treatment, enabling them to get back to their lives quickly, without having to leave the area