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Prenatal Testing on the Central Coast of California

Find out more about your pregnancy and baby at Dignity Health Central Coast with a range of prenatal tests.

If you decide you want more information about your baby, prenatal tests give you and your providers insights on the baby’s growth, development, and health. This helps guide your pregnancy and monitors your baby to safeguard against unexpected issues.

At Dignity Health Central Coast, the safety and well-being of you and your growing family is our priority. Find a Doctor today for answers to your questions about prenatal testing on the Central Coast.


Pregnancy Tests at Dignity Health Central Coast

Our doctors use many types of prenatal tests for a variety of reasons, such as checking growth and development, assessing your baby’s health, and looking for birth defects.

The most common prenatal tests include:

  • Early ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy, the number of babies, and determine your due date
  • Blood test to look for anemia, infections that cause complications for your growing baby, and your Rh factor
  • Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) to screen for certain birth defects and genetic diseases
  • Biophysical profile, a two-part test performed in the third trimester of your pregnancy, to assess the baby’s well-being

The choice for prenatal screening is personal. At Dignity Health Central Coast, we respect your right to decide which tests, if any, you want for you and your baby.


Making an Informed Decision on Prenatal Tests

Your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor will talk to you about which prenatal tests are recommended for you. Your doctor also can give you information about the prenatal testing schedule and timeline.

Questions to ask so you can make the best decisions for you and your baby include:

  • Why are you recommending this test?
  • What information will we get as a result of this test?
  • How will that information change the management of my pregnancy and birth?
  • What risks are associated with testing?
  • Are there any alternatives to this test?

With this information, you can decide which prenatal tests are right for you and your baby.

Dignity Health offers expectant mothers the opportunity to learn more about your pregnancy and baby through prenatal testing on the Central Coast of California.