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Care for Breast Cancer During Pregnancy on the Central Coast

While rare, some women will experience breast cancer during pregnancy. Dignity Health Central Coast offers humankindness for woman diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant. Our experienced health care team provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support throughout every step of your pregnancy and breast cancer treatment

Find a Doctor today at Dignity Health to learn more about breast cancer in pregnancy on the Central Coast of California.


Detecting Breast Cancer During Pregnancy at Dignity Health Central Coast

During pregnancy, breasts undergo natural changes in texture, size, and sensitivity, making it difficult to detect breast cancer signs and symptoms.

Changes in your body, coupled with the excitement of expecting a baby, make it easy to overlook the signs of breast cancer during pregnancy. As a result, cancers tend to be more advanced at the time of diagnosis.


Why Breast Cancer Now?

Pregnancy does not cause breast cancer. Being a woman is the main risk factor for all types of breast cancer.

Having breast cancer during pregnancy requires comprehensive oncology services that respect and safeguard the well-being of you and your child. Dignity Health Central Coast provides a personalized, healing approach to breast cancer care.


Specialized Treatment for Breast Cancer During Pregnancy

Treatment options for breast cancer during pregnancy depend on the cancer type, stage, and how long have you been pregnant.

The main treatment for breast cancer during pregnancy involves surgery. A mastectomy is the most common choice because breast-conserving surgeries require radiation therapy afterward, which can be harmful to your baby.

After the second trimester up to 35 weeks of pregnancy, you can safely take chemotherapy drugs but should avoid radiation, hormone therapy, and targeted therapies.

Your preferences play a very important role in the choice of treatment. Contact Dignity Health Central Coast for a health care provider who will partner with you throughout your pregnancy and treatment.

Dignity Health offers humankindness and comprehensive breast cancer care during pregnancy on the Central Coast of California.