Find Healing with Cardiovascular Treatments on the Central Coast

Having heart problems can cause uncertainty and anxiety for you and your family. Our experts at Dignity Health Central Coast are here to help. Knowing which cardiovascular treatment you may need involves understanding our broad array of options, ranging from minimally invasive to open heart treatments.

Our award-winning cardiac care specialists can help detect your heart problem and offer the most effective heart procedures on California’s Central Coast with humankindness. Find a Doctor today to learn the best options for you.


Personalized Heart Treatments at Dignity Health Central Coast

Our team of heart specialists will give you comprehensive care with a wide scope of treatments. As the recognized leader in cardiac care, Dignity Health Central Coast offers the following common cardiovascular treatment options:

  • Pacemaker is a small device that helps your heart maintain a normal rhythm.
  • Endovascular stent, commonly known as a heart stent, is a small spring that holds your artery open for better blood flow.
  • Angioplasty is a small balloon that breaks up a blockage in your artery to increase blood flow.
  • Ablation tburns spots on your heart, stopping problems with rhythm.
  • 3-D mapping aids in pinpointing areas where you have rhythm issues.
  • Cardiac catheterization allows your doctor to look inside your heart for blockages or rhythm issues.
  • Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) replaces a blocked coronary artery with a healthy artery from your body.
  • Open heart surgery opens your chest to operate on your heart.
  • Thrombolysis dissolves clots with clot-busting drugs.
  • Left ventricular assist device to help your heart pump better.
  • Heart transplant that replaces your heart with a new, healthy heart.

Your cardiologist will recommend the right cardiovascular treatments options for your well-being.


Award-Winning Care with Cardiovascular Treatments

Most heart treatments are provided in the hospital and may require you to stay overnight. Dignity Health Central Coast offers cardiovascular care and procedures at the following hospitals: 

Our heart care specialists deliver care with a philosophy of care, dignity, and respect. Reach out to our experts to answer all of your questions about cardiovascular conditions.

Dignity Health’s heart care team can help improve your quality of life with heart surgeries and procedures throughout the Central Coast.