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Advanced Care During Mitral Valve Replacement on the Central Coast

To ease your chest pain and other symptoms related to mitral valve disease, Dignity Health Central Coast offers mitral valve replacement surgery. You can look forward to renewed energy and a higher quality of life following your procedure as your body receives more oxygen.

Both mitral valve prolapse and mitral valve stenosis can interfere with your heart’s ability to control flow between your heart’s two chambers. As a result, you can feel tired all the time, have shortness of breath, and generally don’t feel like yourself. We care about your well-being, and mitral valve replacement can greatly improve your overall quality of life. 

Find a Doctor today to see if mitral valve replacement on the Central Coast of California can help you enjoy a more active life.


Mitral Valve Surgery Recovery at Dignity Health Central Coast

Your mitral valve replacement surgery will take place at a Dignity Health Central Coast hospital that specializes in heart care with humankindness. Your heart surgeon can perform this surgery using either a minimally invasive or traditional approach.

During minimally invasive mitral valve replacement, your heart surgeon inserts instruments into several small incisions in your chest. Through these openings, your faulty mitral valve is replaced with a new biological (human or animal) or mechanical valve (titanium or carbon).

With open, or traditional, mitral valve replacement, your surgeon replaces the valve through an incision in your breastbone. Recovery is a bit longer with traditional surgery and may require a longer hospital stay. Your doctor will discuss the benefits and risks of both mitral valve replacement surgeries so that you can make the choice that’s best for you.

Talk to one of our experts at Dignity Health Central Coast to find out if mitral valve replacement can help you live your life to its fullest.

Dignity Health’s heart specialists offer award-winning care with mitral valve replacement throughout California’s Central Coast.