Emergency Treatment for Kidney Stones on the Central Coast

If you have kidney stones, you may not even know it. Made mostly of calcium, these tiny specks can pass through your urine without any symptoms. Kidney stones can, however, turn life threatening if they get stuck in your ureter, the tube connecting your bladder and kidney.

If you are experiencing significant, sharp kidney stone pain in your lower back that spreads to your groin or abdomen, seek emergency care at Dignity Health Central Coast.


Determining What Causes Kidney Stones at Dignity Health Central Coast

Kidney stones start as a very small speck and gradually grow. Made of calcium, they also contain amino acids or uric acid.

Dignity Health Central Coast emergency doctors realize that kidney stone pain can be severe. Kidney stone treatment is delivered with care, dignity, and respect.

Certain risk factors can make you more likely to develop kidney stone. They include being male and having a personal or family history of kidney stones. Other risk factors include:

Your doctor at Dignity Health Central Coast can explain ways to reduce your risk factors and likelihood of kidney stones. 


Care with Humankindness for Kidney Stones

Your doctor will determine your personalized care plan for kidney stone treatment on the Central Coast. Smaller stones that are not creating symptoms may pass on their own. For larger stones, drinking plenty of fluids, combined with medication, can help you flush the stone.

If the kidney stone does not pass, options include kidney stone shock wave therapy to crush the stone or removal using a catheter procedure or surgery. Find a Doctor today at Dignity Health Central Coast to decide if kidney stone treatment is right for you.

Dignity Health’s emergency team can help relieve your with kidney stone symptoms on the Central Coast of California.